Participant information

We will send out official participant information by email Wednesday the 19th of April. Here you will get info about our SportsExpo (where you pick up your bib number), start times for the various groups, what we serve at refreshment stations, storage of clothes, wardrobes etc.

The SportExpo will be open Thursday 27th of April and Friday 28th of April from 09.00 to 20.00. If you have any other questions, just send us an email at

Bergen City Marathon – a 5 star race

The European Athletics safety and quality standards for road races act as an assurance for roadrunners throughout Europe. They distinguish between races that respect the standards and those that have not sought certification or assessment. They form the foundation of Running for All, a strong recognizable brand for running activities throughout Europe.

Three levels of standards encompass all types and sizes of races.

1 Star – the race fulfills guaranteed minimum requirements of safety and security for athletes during a race with a small number of runners.

3 Star – the race guarantees a good level of safety and security, and offers runners a satisfactory level of quality of services for a race with a large number of runners.

5 Star – the race guarantees a comprehensive level of safety and security, and high quality services, for a race with significant numbers of runners.

To achieve 5 starts, races must fulfill a total of 54 categories that cover administration and finance, course, environmental and social responsibilities, measurement, medical, results, safety, services and timing.

As the first race in Norway BCM fulfill all the safety and quality standards and is awarded 5 stars.

This means that Bergen City Marathon is internationally marketed as a prestige race and can attract runners from around the world. The race becomes part of EA`s calendar “running4all” which differentiates classified races. In addition, this is a great recognition and a confirmation that we deliver a solid product. A seal of approval we are very proud of.

“We strive to have quality in all aspects. Our runners will have a good experience from arriving our race, until they go home with medals around their necks.” Janne Jensen, event manager Bergen City Marathon