2 k- wheel chair racing

The 2 k wheel chair race was a new concept at Fjordkraft Bergen City Marathon in 2023. The start and finish line was at Bryggen.

Start and time limit:
The race starts at 08:45, 27th of April 2024. You have 25 minutes to finish the race. That means that you have to cross the finish line within 09:10.

Course: The course follows the main course from Bryggen to Sandvikstorget and back again to Bryggen.

Requirements racing chair:

To participate in the 2 k wheel chair race the participant must provide his/her own racing chair. You are allowed to use an electric, a manual or a racing wheelchair. Pigging is allowed.

If the participants wants to join the childrens run, 5k or half marathon, they have to make their own decision if the course is suiteable for their needs. The course has parts with cobblestone, gravel and curbs.

Foto: ParaFriidrett