Hannah Louise Gibbs Fristad

33 år, Barrys Trainer, Nattlandsfjellet Bergen.

Hvilken distanse skal du løpe i BCM 2021?:

Half Marathon

Hvorfor vil du anbefale andre å delta i BCM?

I recommend the BCM because not only are you running in beautiful surroundings, you are also challenged by the course itself. With the different terrains and the changes in incline it really has you feeling a huge sense of accomplishment when you cross the finish line with a huge smile on your face because you have completed something that is so awesome!

The supporters, the crowds who cheer you on is such a wonderful motivation, that makes the BCM even more special.

Even the run up to race day, BCM put on events to join a practice run on some of the course with others, all different levels and it really is an all round great event from sign up, to race day.

Hva motiverer deg til å komme deg ut å trene?

Being outside is free and you can do it anytime, anywhere!

I am a motivated person but I became even more motivated to be outside in 2020 when I went hiking with my husband and my legs burned so hard walking up Rundemanen, it was hard. I was surprised because I’m active alot but inside, on a treadmill. Being outside was a different feeling for me, so I continued to walk more outside which turned into jogging and then looking at my watch getting motivated by km splits, i was running!

Month by month I was running further and it was getting easier on my legs and my breathing. It became and is still a great feeling to put music in my ears, feel the fresh air in my lungs, mentally it clears my head and it calms me down. It doesn’t matter the weather, if it’s a 20 minutes run, or over an hour I still get a great endorphin rush and a feeling of proudness everytime.

Running makes us strong physically and mentally. That is great motivation for me!

«I started wanting to challenge myself»

My interest in running started from a young age, competing in athletics, 200 metres. I competed at a high level and I love to run fast!

Myself and my dad would travel around the UK competing in all athletics competitions we could, i just love to compete.

I am a full trainer at Barrys Bergen and Barry’s Fana so I have a huge passion for intervals and I plan intervals for my clients everyday. I have been a part of the Barrys ladies relay team previous years and have competed with them in the BCM. It wasn’t until my 30s that I started wanting to challenge myself running longer distances. In my training I knew I had the speed to be sub 2 hour half marathon, so after only a few months of preparation I signed up for my first half marathon.

I ran the BCM half marathon last year, from 16km, my knees were starting to feel the distance and the goal of a sub 2 hour race was slipping away, i finished 2.02. What I learnt is that I should be happy with my performance because I gave it 150% and that’s the most important thing, what I gained was experience, it was my first race and I completed it and I was smiling when crossing the finish line.

2022 i shall run the half marathon again with more preperation and more experience. I am excited for that!