BIB numbers (race numbers) are picked up at the sports exhibition. The Sport Exhibition will be open Thursday 28th, and Friday 29th of April from 09.00 to 20.00
Place: Vikinghallen, Øvre Dreggsalm. 7, 5003 Bergen. Tlf. + 47 55 36 53 46.

NB! Medical form on the back of the BIB MUST be filled out!
Wednesday 27th of April you will receive a SMS with your BIB number. You use this when collecting your BIB number in Vikinghallen. The SMS will also give
you infomation about your starting group.

If you have ordered our BCM t-shirt it will be handed out at the sports exhibition.
Additionally our sponsors will line up with their own sports outlets. There will be a lot of great offers and a broad selection of sports equipment for sale. Sport1, Ronhill, and Squeezy will all have their own shops.


Marathon blue bib number

Half marathon green bib number

Relay red bib number

5km yellow bib number

2km KidsRun orange bib number

Program Saturday 30th of April

06:15 Storage service for 42km/marathon opens at Bryggen
06:30 The Sportsexpo opens in Vikinghallen
07:00 Start marathon Place: Bryggen
08:50-09:20 Start half marathon Place: Bryggen
11:00 Award ceremony Marathon & Half marathon Place: Bryggen
12:30 Start Relay Place: Sandbrogaten
13:30-13:45 Start 5 km Place: Nygårdsparken
14:00 Start Kids Run Place: Nordnesparken
14:30 Award ceremony Relay & 5 km Place: Bryggen
Due to Covid-restrictions, there will be no storage of clothes for runners, others than the runners who participate on 42km/marathon.
The exact start time for those who participate in the half marathon and 5 km will be sent out in participant information on 27 April.

Everyone who signs up before 12th of April gets his/her name on the BIB number. By transfer the BIB number after this date, the buyer will not get his/her name on the BIB number.

This year’s BCM T-shirt can be ordered when you sign up for 100 NOK. The t-shirt, both in women’s and men’s models, has a good fit. We also sell the t-shirt at the Sport Expo for 150 NOK.

When you collect your BIB number an orange luggage bag will be handed to you. There is one bag for each runner, but for safety reasons it will only be marathon runners (42 km) who can use the bag to store clothes in Vikinghallen. No other bags can be used for storing clothes.  In the envelope, together with the bib, you will find a sticker with your number. This sticker MUST be placed on the bag, or else we won’t accept it.

Pacemakers on marathon and half marathon

The pacemakers will be a few minutes ahead of schedule to be able to “slow down a bit” at the end. Descents and ascents will also affect the speed. It is not smart to run to fast in the uphill and become to tired, or to run to fast in the downhill and become injured.

Consider your own strengths and weaknesses during the race. If you loose the flag at the drinking-
stations, do not stress, you will soon catch up with them in a few kilometres. With many runners the drinking stations can become a bit chaotic, but try to get enough nutrition. Think positive! Smile to the crowd! Give out some “high fives” to the children! Remember that pain is temporary. Endorphins are your friend. Use your own watch – the pacemakers are only human 😉 Good luck!

The pacemakers are equipped with flags on their back. They will be very visible. We have pacemakers who run the times shown here:


At the refreshment stations we serve water and sports drinks.

When you have passed the finish line you will receive a bottle of mineral water from Olden and a cinnamon bun.

Refreshment stations:

Sandviken Sykehus  3,5 km
Fjellveien v/ “Hesten trenger hvile” 6,5 km
Haraldsplass Sykehus 10 km
AdO-arena 14 km
Nordnesparken 19 km
Bryggen (for full maratonløperne) 21,5 km

We have toilets in the following places:

  • Outside the course
    – In Vikinghallen
    – At Sandbrogaten next to Vikinghallen
    – Near the start area at Nikolaikirkealmenningen
  • Along the course:
    – In Fjellveien by ‘Hesten trenger hvile’ (6,5km)
    – In Bjørndalen by Svartediket (9,5km)
    – In Møllendalsveien (12km)
    – In Nygårdsparken (15,7km)
    – In Nordnesparken (19km)

For safety reasons there will be no changing rooms this year.

HERE you can find the course map, elevation profile and description of the course for the various distances.

Deadline/last runner

In connection with the release of the track to traffic, the participants must have passed the finish line within a certain time limit. Participants who finish outside the time limit are not included in the results. The time limit for the marathon distance is 5 hours and 30 minutes. The relay´s time limit is 3 hours. The cut-off time for the marathon runners is 09:30. If you cross the start/finish line after 09:30 you will be stopped, but your race will get approved as a half marathon.

We have the following time limits:
– Relay: 3 hours
– Half marathon: 4 hours
– Marathon: 5 hours and 30 minutes

Cut-off time for marathon runners:

21 km – Passing on the pier/Bryggen after 10:45 AM. (If you pass the time limit point later than 10:45 AM you will be stopped, but you will be approved completed half-marathon).

Total time limits:
– Half marathon: 4 hours.
– Marathon: 6 hours.


All participants in Bergen City Marathon (BCM) 2022 will receive a medal.

The great medal has a known and loved design from Bergen. Bergen Municipality has given BCM the opportunity to use the beautiful motif from Kulturby 2000.

Awards ceremony from the stage at 11:0o:

  • For the three best in the ladies and men’s class at the marathon.
  • For the three best in the ladies and men’s class at the half marathon

Awards ceremony from the stage at 14:3o:

  • For the top three in the ladies and men’s class at 5km
  • For the best team in the three different classes in the Sparebanken Vest relay

In addition, you can win gifts on your BIB number. Check if you are a lucky winner at after the race.

Do you want to sign up for a group and get an invoice by mail – follow these steps:

Group leader register the company on our sign-up page by using the button ‘Create a group’. Group leader will receive an email with username and password and forward it to the others who will join the group. Group members sign up by using the button ‘Join a group’ .

Up to 450 teams can compete in the Relay. The Relay consists of 10 legs with a total distance of 21,097 meters. Teams and companies compete with colleagues and club friends.

There is guaranteed to be a lot of cheering along the course from the crowd.

Competition classes:
Women’s team
Men’s team
Mix team

Award for the best team in the three different classes in the relay

The relay follows the same route as the half marathon.

Leg: length: KM TOTAL:
1st leg – Bryggen – Gamle Bergen 3237m 3237m
2nd leg – Gamle Bergen – BKK i Fjellveien 1342m 4579m
3rd leg etappe – BKK i Fjellveien – Mon Plaisir 1025m 5604m
4th leg – Mon Plaisir – Slutten av Fjellveien (før utgang til trafikk) 2570m 8174m
5th leg – Fjellveien – Svartediket 1263m 9437m
6th leg – Svartediket – Helikoterplassen/Grønneviksøren 3049m 12486m
7th leg – Helikopterplassen/Grønneviksøren –Nygårdsparken 3230m 15716m
8th leg – Nygårdsparken – Hurtigruteterminalen 2097m 17813m
9th leg – Hurtigruteterminalen – Nordnesparken 1385m 19198m
10th leg – Nordnesparken – Bryggen 1899m 21097m

We will open a resale solution 1st of January to 23rd of April

  • This procedure`s done through the regular sign up system.
  • Go to login (Use the username and password sent to you when you signed up.)
  • When logged in, proceed to “Transfer your BIB number.”
  • You will receive a discount code that`s used for payment upon a new registration. Send the code to the buyer, which he/she will use to sign up for the race.
  • The same method is used if you what to change the distance or the participants name.
  • Remember to not login with your old account, but to start a new registration.

NB: A changing fee at 100 NOK is applied, and payed along the new registration.
The code only applies to the same distance as the seller was registered. Buying and selling tickets will be possible up to 23rd of April.

Ordinary registration closes on April 27th. It`s also possible to sign up at Sportsmessen (A sign-on fee of 50 NOK will be applied).

See all our prices HERE. It pays off signing up early!

Follow your favorite runners and see their position in the course during the race! Download the app UltimateLIVE!