Join the BT-relay 

Bergen City Marathon and Bergens Tidende welcome you to the BT relay.

The BT relay is an informal relay for companies, sports teams and other organizations where you can sign up one or several teams.
The relay consists of 10 legs, and in total you run a half marathon (21097m).

There is a limit of 450 teams so do not wait too long to sign up. Take the challenge, start your training and run Bergen City Half Marathon with friends and colleagues.

The best race is the race you share with others.
Start 09.25 from Bryggen

Here are the relay-competitons you can sign up to:

Women’s team (Only women on the team)
Men’s team (Only men on the team)
Mix team (Both sexes must be represented here – see competition rules below)
Who has the best team name?
Of course, it’s fun to beat friends and colleagues, but it might be just as fun to have the most creative name on your team. In the BT relay, we therefore award prizes for both performance and best team name.


Prize for best mix team.
Prize for best women’s team.
Prize for the best men’s team.
Prize for best team name.

Below you will find couse maps, more information about the legs and competition rules:

The relay follows the route for the half marathon


1 etappe – Bryggen – Gamle Bergen 3237m3237m
2 etappe – Gamle Bergen – BKK i Fjellveien
3 etappe – BKK i Fjellveien – Mon Plaisir
4 etappe – Mon Plaisir – Slutten av Fjellveien (før utgang til trafikk)
5 etappe – Fjellveien – Svartediket
6 etappe – Svartediket – Helikopterplassen/Grønneviksøren
7 etappe – Helikopterplassen/Grønneviksøren –Nygårdsparken
8 etappe – Nygårdsparken – Hurtigruteterminalen
9 etappe – Hurtigruteterminalen – Nordnesparken
10 etappe – Nordnesparken – Bryggen 1899m21097m