Sport 1 Marathon 42,195 M

42,195 metres through the streets of the centre of Bergen. During the run you will enjoy the beautiful view from Fjellveien and test out the new route around Store Lungegårdvann. You will be cheered on by Bergen’s residents as you run along the main square and up to Bryggen.

Those who participate in the marathon will run the half marathon course twice, i.e. twice around the course shown in the film below.

Vikinghallen will be used as a changing room facility. It is here that we will also look after your personal belongings while you are out running.

There are 6 refreshement stations along the course. See the film at the bottom of this page. This film takes you through the course and shows you all drink stations and relay changes.

Sport 1 is sponsoring the marathon.

We have the following classes for the Marathon:

18 – 19 years = Junior (youngest class for the Marathon)
20 – 22 years = Youth (U23)
23 – 34 years
35 – 39 years
40 – 44 years, then 5-year classes as long as there are participants.

See the course here: