Fjordkraft Bergen City Marathon is arranged by sports club Turn & Idrettsforeningen Viking (TIF Viking).

Bergen City Marathon is for locals who love to run, visiting participants from other parts of Norway and abroad, the public and for our city!

We want to offer our participants activities that are suited to everyone, regardless of ambition, age or level. We want our participants to have a great overall experience after having completed one of our events. This includes from when participants use our registration system until they travel home with a medal around their necks.

To achieve this, we receive invaluable assistance from our cooperative partners and volunteers. Without their support and efforts, it would be difficult to offer what we strive towards, i.e. high-quality events.

Equally important is that we get feedback from our participants, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Send an email with praise (or criticism) or give us a call.

Postal address/Visiting address BERGEN CITY MARATHON:

TIF Viking, Øvre Dreggsalm. 7, 5003 Bergen.

TIF Viking is located at Vikinghallen in Øvre Dreggsalm. 7 (opposite Mariakirken). Please visit us if there is anything you require information about.

+47 55 36 53 46

Event Manager: Janne Jensen
Sponsor Manager/Managing Director of TIF Viking Roger Gjelsvik
Course Director: Halfdan Haukeland
Event coordinator Ingvild Jørstad
Press: Janne Jensen & Roger Gjelsvik