Pick up your bib-number and your t-shirt (if you ordered this) at the Expo in Vikinghallen.

The Expo is open:

  • Thursday 25/4: 09.00-20.00
  • Friday 26/4: 09.00-20.00

Vikinghallen, Øvre Dreggsalm. 7, 5003 Bergen. Tlf. + 47 55 36 53 46.

When you pick up your bib number, you must present:

  • Your bib-number, which you will receive by e-mail and SMS in advance.
  • An SMS with your bib-number will be sent to your registrered telephone number Wednesday 24th of April

At the Expo you will find a wide range of vendors and exhibitors, with their running products.


Maraton blått startnummer/ Marathon blue bib number

Halvmaraton grønt startnummer/ Half marathon green bib number

Stafett rødt startnummer/ Relay red bib number

5km gult startnummer/ 5km yellow bib number

2km barneløp oransje startnummer/ 2km KidsRun orange bib number

Program 2024 

kl. 06.30 Opening of Changing rooms in Vikinghallen
kl. 07.15 -15.00 Storage service in Vikinghallen
kl. 07.45 Warm up together with our instructor
kl. 08.00 Start Sport 1 Marathon from Bryggen
kl. 08.45 Start Wheelchair racing
kl. 09.15 Warm up together with our instructor
kl. 09.25 Start BT-relay from Bryggen
kl. 09.35 Start BMW Halvmarathon from Bryggen
kl. 11.45 Award cermony (42 k, 21 k, and relay)
kl. 12.00 Start De Bergenske 5km from Møhlenpris Idrettsplass
kl. 12.45 Award ceremony (5 k)
kl. 13.00 Start Vestkanten KidsRun 2km from Nordnesparken
kl. 16.00 Traffic opens (Max time marathon 6 hours)

If you sign up before 1st of April you will get your name on the bib-number.

You can order this years t-shirt when you sign up for the race. (150 ,-)
It’s also possible to buy the t-shirt at the Expo (220 ,-)

T-shirt 2021:

When you pick up your bib-number you will recive an orange bag. Everything you want us to store for you must be put in this bag.
In the bag there is an envelope with your bib-number and a label. Tear off the tag and attach it to the luggage bag pocket  outside of the bag. The luggage storage opens 07.15 – and will be closed 15.00.

Important: The label have to be attach to the orange bag. No other bags are allowed. When you pick up your bag, you must present your bib number. You will find your bag where you left it in Vikinghallen, same place as the Expo.


For many, having a pacer to follow is a good motivation to achieve their goals in terms of estimated time.
Based on your expected end time, you will be placed in a pool with a cruise control close to your estimated time.

The pacers run with the flags shown below. They will be well visible in the field.


You get water,  energy drink, chocolate and bananas at the drinking stations.

In the finish area you will get a cinnamon bun from Baker Brun.

Refreshment stations:

  • Sandviken Sykehus  3,5 km
  • Fjellveien v/ “Hesten trenger hvile” 6,5 km
  • Haraldsplass Sykehus 10 km
  • AdO-arena 14 km
  • Nordnesparken 19 km
  • Bryggen (for full maratonløperne) 21,5 km

The toilets can be found here:

  • Start and finish line
    – I Vikinghallen
    – I Sandbrogaten like utenfor Vikinghallen
    – På Bryggen v/ Nikolaikirkealmenningen
  • In the course
    – I Fjellveien v/ “Tippetue”
    – I Bjørndalen v/ Svartediket
    – Ved starten av Møllendalsveien
    – Utenfor Møhlenpris idrettsplass
    – I Nordnesparken

In Vikinghallen we have several changing rooms/showers for our runners. It will be open from 06:30 to 17:00.
Address: Øvre Dreggsalm. 7, 5003 Bergen (same place as the Sports Expo).

Total time limits:

  • Half marathon: 4 hours
  • Marathon: 6 hours

Marathon: If you’re passing the pier/Bryggen after 10.45 you will be stopped, but will be approved completed half  marathon.

Cut off time marathon:

21 km – Passing on the pier/Bryggen after 10.45 am. If you pass the time limit point later than 10.45 am you will be stopped, but you will be approved completed half marathon.

Total time limits:
Halv marathon: 4 hours
Marathon: 6 hours

All participants who complete the  Fjordkraft Bergen City Marathon will receive this year’s participant medal after the finishline.

Top 3 women and men at each distance receive prizes. The ceremonies for the three best at each distance will be held on the stage at Bryggen.

In addition, great prizes are drawn on the starting numbers.

Want an invoice sent to your company? Follow this description:

  • Team leader creates a group sign up, and get access to a separate team leader portal.
  • Your username and password will be sent to your email.
    • Two different passwords will be sent to you.
    • One for the team leader portal and one to hand out to your colleagues who wants to join the team.
  • Log in to the team leader portal to add and change the participants registrations.
  • Colleagues are able to join the team by pressing the “sign up with your team”- button

It is normal that the team leader sign up for the relay.


The relay has room for 450 teams. The relay consists of 10 legs and the distance in total corresponds to a half marathon (21097m). The relay is perfect for companies, sports teams and organizations. Coruse map HERE.

START RELAY: 09. 40 at Bryggen

Women´s relay
Men`s relay
Mixed team (see competition rules below)

The best team in the three different classes will get a prize.

Competition rules 

  • Maximum 10 people can participate on the team. It’s okey if someone want’s to run two stages, but the team must consist of a minimum of 7 people.
  • In the mix class, both sexes must be represented. The minority gender must make up 40 % of the total number of runners.

The relay follows the route for the half marathon

LEG: Distance: KM Total:
1.  Bryggen – Gamle Bergen 3237m 3237m
2.  Gamle Bergen – BKK i Fjellveien 1342m 4579m
3. –BKK i Fjellveien – Mon Plaisir 1025m 5604m
4.  Mon Plaisir – Slutten av Fjellveien (før utgang til trafikk) 2570m 8174m
5.  Fjellveien – Svartediket 1080m 9254m
6.  Svartediket – Helikoterplassen/Grønneviksøren 3049m 12303m
7. Helikopterplassen/Grønneviksøren –Nygårdsparken 3413m 15716m
8. Nygårdsparken – Hurtigruteterminalen 2097m 17813m
9. Hurtigruteterminalen – Nordnesparken 1385m 19198m
10. Nordnesparken – Bryggen 1899m 21097m

If you want to change your name, sell your ticket, or change distance, use this method:

1. Go to “Participant login”, username and password was sent to you on email.

2. When you are logged in you choose “transfer sign up”. The system will make you a vouchercode.

3. Send the vouchercode to the person who wants to buy your ticket. The buyer signs up and use the vouchercode when he/she comes to the payment site.

4. Use the same method if you want to change your own sign up. Remember to not log in to your old user. You need to sign up once again.


  • When you sell your ticket or make changes you need to pay a 50 kr fee.
  • The value of the t-shirt will follow the vouchercode.
  • Everyone who sign up befor 1st of April will get their name on the BIB-number.

We will close the ordinary sign up 26. april, but it will be possible to sign up at the SportExbo.
If you sign up at the SportExbo you have to pay a 50 kr fee.

Do you have family members, friends or colleagues participating in Fjordkraft Bergen City Marathon? Now you can follow them LIVE. More information is coming.