Registration and signup fee

Signup Fjordkraft Bergen City Marathon 29. April 2023

There is no administrative fee for stated prices, but everyone who participates in a race in Norway must pay insurance to the athletics association. Insurance is added to your registration during signup. If you have already purchased annual insurance, state your insurance number during the registration. If you do not have a annually license, you must choose a one-time insurance during registration. Read more about the insurance here https://www.friidrett.no/lop-utenfor-bane/lisens/
Signup before 15th of January
5k 250,-
5k 0-14 year 200,-
BMW Half marathon 21k 550,-
Sport1 Marathon 42k 610,-
Vestkanten Kids Run 2k 170.-
BT-relay (10 legs) 2100,- pr.team
Signup from 16th of January to 15th of March:
5k 300,-
5k 0-14 year 220,-
BMW Half marathon 21k 650,-
Sport1 Marathon 42k 750,-
Vestkanten Kids Run 2k 200.-
BT-relay (10 legs) 2400,- pr.team
Signup from 16th of March to 30th of April:
5k 350,-
5k 0-14 år 250,-
BMW Half marathon 21k 750,-
Sport1 Marathon 42k 850,-
Vestkanten Kids Run 2k 200.-
BT-relay (10 legs) 2600,- pr.team