Frequently Asked Question

  • Can you upload more than one result?

    Yes, but the fastest time counts.

  • How is my time calculated if I run more than 10km?

    All race activity sessions are handled equally and analyzed on a fair basis. All results calculations are based on the measured time and measured distance by your activity/fitness device. If you have raced longer than the race distance, we will calculate backwards to your accumulated race time at the point of completing the set race distance. Therefore it is important to note that we may process and evaluate your result different from your existing platform provider; both in time and in distance completed. We therefore recommend that you run exactly 10 km when you want to improve your time.

  • Are the results checked?

    Yes, we check that all the results are within the competition rules.

  • When should I upload my 10k time?

    As soon as possible! This gives you the opportunity to improve your time!