TIF Viking manages a number of charity and volunteer arrangements. In order to make a positive contribution to the community, as an association we are dependent on volunteers for our work. Would you like to contribute?

    Fjordkraft Bergen City Marathon (FBCM) is one of Norway’s largest sporting events.
    Several hundred officials are in action before, during and after the event day.
    Would you like to experience the event from the «inside»? We have many exciting jobs. When we have received your registration we will contact you and arrange the tasks that are best suited for you. Perhaps you have skills that we need?  In the registration form you can cross off the jobs you are interested in.

    As a volunteer you will be part of a fantastic group of people working together to create a wonderful running event. The most important job you can do as a volunteer for TIF Viking is to perform the tasks you have been assigned and provide service with a smile. We take pride in the FBCM being a wonderful experience for everyone, i.e. the runners, public, residents and others in our city. Does this sound exciting? We would love to have you on our team?

    All volunteers receive a T-shirt, gym gift card for the month of May and a reference if requested.